Sunday, June 2, 2013

Champaign Baseball

I have so much to catch up on but thought I'd be current and then make it my goal for the week to catch up.

We had a Champaign baseball tournament this weekend that was postponed due to all the crummy weather. We headed over after waiting to hear all day.

It was so much fun! Mom and Dad made an impromptu trip after a quick phone call and they kept Molly. We found the rest of our team and took advantage of the indoor pool at the hotel. We then (about 30 of us) went for pizza. This morning we were able to have a double header with a very impressive Champaign team. The rules were a little different with lead offs , which kept the games very fast paced and exciting! We played about 6 hrs total.

Mitchell loved every minute since his BFF Andrew was there and Maya ran and kept up with the boys.

Mason had great games! He was catcher and had to be "on it" with all the lead offs, just like the major leagues. He also was center field w/a great catch and pitcher. He struggled a little pitching (after throwing all those balls back after being catcher.) So fun to watch! He also had hits every at bat and they were fast pitchers! Proud Momma. :)

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