Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last day of school

 I was able to snap a few pics of the boys before the bus. 
 Crazy they have sweatshirts on for their last day.  Chilly!
 Mason and Mrs. Willey.  She was a perfect Mason match.  They have a green, yellow, red system for discipline with "parking lot" being the first step.  It's easy to get on parking lot if you don't listen, talk out of turn, etc.  You can always move back to green for being good though.  Super Duper proud to say that Mason never ever all year made it to parking lot.  Only one other third graders had this honor that I know of .  :)
 Mitchell and Mrs. Hubert.
We were incredibly lucky with the boys' teachers this year.  Both were amazingly great.  Mitchell's teacher moved me to tears.  I only popped in for a quick picture and to take him home and she gave him a huge hug and as he walked away she said, "I love you, Mitch!"  It hit me hard just how great teachers we had. I thought, she loves my boy when I'm not here to love on him.    Through all the sadness in schools, these teachers LOVE their jobs. 

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