Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Day

No pictures, but have to write about our day. I was unexpectedly called off of work, but it ended up for the best.

I woke up two tired boys for swim team practice and took them there at 745. The girls and I went to the grocery store. We picked up the boys at 9 and headed home for the boys to change. We left and ran a few errands and the boys went to the McDowell boys house to play for a few hours. The girls and I picked up lunch for our neighbor and took it next door and got to snuggle with baby Jake. It's amazing to hold a newborn to realize how precious a little life is, and what a gift!

I came home and snuggled the girls and got them down for quick naps. I put away last nights dishes ( not even breakfast dishes!) and regrouped for about an hour. I then woke up the girls, picked up the boys and headed to Mason's follow up orthodontist appt. The ortho wanted to check his side bight after having teeth pulled a few months back. With all four in tow, we got good news for his bottom teeth, but his top teeth may need work. A return visit in 6 months will tell if we need top braces or an expander.
I left the orthodontist with my crew and called to see if I could get into Mitchell's eye appointment early. They said yes and again with all in tow, headed over. Mitch hasn't been wanting to wear his glasses for about a month. The Dr in December said he expected changes and to see him in 6 months. He smiled when Mitch game in glasses less and did his exam. One eye has incredible improvement and is dominant now. Long story, same glasses with new lenses to train his poorer eye. Hooray!
We then arrived home with about 30 mins to prep before Mason's baseball game and Mitchell's first EVER swim meet. Mason had the option to swim but chose ball. We met up with Matt and he took Mitch and the girls and I headed to the ball field .

Mason had an awesome game! He was catcher for a couple innings and then pitched. So fun to watch!
It ended and we ran to the pool to see Mitch swim. I have to admit, Matt sent me video of Mitch swimming while we were at the game and I was in "happy" tears. Mitch has been swimming since he was 3, but never the length that he has to swim now. I even asked his coach this morning if he would be ok. He was awesome! I was most proud that he did it alone without his brother by his side. I can't imagine how nervous he was! He's not the fastest, but I can't believe how much he has improved in such a short time.
The girls made it through the madness when we arrived home and ate dinner a around 9.

Wow! What a day. The boys have " donut Friday" at swim team and Mitchie will get his ribbons. I work and then, Matt and I will actually have an evening together (with kids). He's worked two weeks of nights. He has woken up early to be "dad" and has gone back to bed when he can before going back in. I'm thrilled to have him home this weekend! :) TGIF!!

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