Sunday, July 21, 2013

Six Flags with the Sanner Family

I took all the pictures off my phone this weekend and there are hundreds.  Proof that the summer has been so busy.  We were crazy for weeks with me working and either a swim meet or at least one ball game a night every night for awhile.  We have been so thankful that the girls haven't had to be at day care much due to Grandma Kaye keeping them, Matt being off, or my Mom coming up.  I will have more posts on the summer, but decided tonight to put our Six Flags pictures up.  We went near the end of June with our wonderful friends, the Sanner's.  The boys had earned their tickets with reading this spring. 
We were a little nervous taking our entire crew with Molly being on the run this year.  No regrets at all!  ALL the kids had a blast. Molly loved the splash pad and could have stayed there for hours.  Maya was a daredevil and had no fear on the Mine Train roller coaster multiple times.  Mason is more reserved with rides (like me).   Mitchell was roller coaster nuts and luckily the lines were short and he was able to ride over and over again.  I wanted to be the good Mom and rode the Ninja roller coaster with him.... My neck was already hurting from accidentally falling in the pool (backwards) the day before.  I got off and my neck HURT!  It was stuck in a sideways position.  This changed our evening plans in that I needed to get home.  A morning trip to my wonderful chiropractor and I was much better. :)
After this trip, we decided to book our mini vacation that we just got home from Friday night.  More later.
 Molly was very cautious at first, but ran through later.
 The girls and I on a very basic spin ride that I was ready to end!
 Waiting for Thunder River.

 On Thunder River, even Molly!

 We finished our day at the water park. 
So much fun! Love our tradition with our friends  :)

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