Saturday, July 13, 2013


Today has been one of those days I wish I had recorded and played over and over. We have played so much baseball this summer. I asked Mason this morning if he was ready to be done..."No way!" He finished the season with a bang.

First of all, I have to say Thursday night was amazing. It was our second game of the tournament and Mason has been catcher for the first 4 innings. One if our pitchers was sick so Mason had to pitch, which makes me so nervous! We were up by one with him going in to pitch. He ended up pitching 2 nearly perfect innings with 4 strike outs. He was thrilled, as was I! He held them and we won the game. He got the game ball and slept with it.

Fast forward to the championship game today at 11. The boys played great against our rival team. We were down6-5 and we had our last at bat. We had a runner on 2nd with 2 outs when Mason was up to bat. He had 2 strikes...and then time froze. He had the most beautiful Homerun I have seen all year. I just remember watching the ball go up into the perfect blue sky. It bounced off the top of the fence (so I heard). It didn't matter b/c they had won. The entire team and parents stormed the field. Mason's head coach ran to the middle of the field with his arms wide open and Mason jumped in his arms and was lifted up. I will never ever forget that moment. These boys have had so many ups and downs this season. It was a complete team effort. I was bawling like a baby under my sunglasses. Words cannot express how I felt. I was a proud Momma to have his team shirt on with "Burgin" on my back. Mason has worked his tail off for this and wanted this. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate as a team. This team has been such a gift to us. We started playing with them in January and hard work paid off. For all the crummy parts of sports, today was the day I will never forget. My kid rocked today!!!!! ;)

No really good pics to show. Mason before the game, game huddle, and the celebration. What a way to end the season. Mason got the game ball, his Homerun ball. It was also fun because his friend Stephen (1st friend in s'field) pitched to him. I want to freeze the moment. :)

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