Tuesday, August 27, 2013


What's better than one Bruin?? TWO Bruins!

We were so thankful, lucky, and suprised that Mason's coaches asked Mitch to be a part of the team. They had an opening for this fall and I was so excited when they asked Mitchie!

This is great for us, only one place to run the two of them instead of two. It's also a great opportunity for Mitchie to play with a great team and awesome coaches. He's already learned so much.

The boys also revived exciting news last Friday. They both had tried out for the indoor swim team through our local YMCA and BOTH made it! I held a sign up that read "Congratulations SPY swimmers Mason and Mitchell". They both jumped up and down and yelled while getting of the bus. Fun moment. It should actually work out really well with our schedules for them to swim all winter.

Both boys are liking school. I will be the first to admit that it's tough to force them inside and to bed. I know winter is around the corner (although its going to be 98 today!) They have been finally able to enjoy our pool after school.

Mitchie runs right with Mason that its hard to remember sometimes that he's barely 8. This summer he called the concession stand the concussion stand. I didn't correct him for awhile because it made me smile. I think he's getting his passion for reading back because it flew away last year. He is so laid back in ways. He doesn't care what he wears at all. He rarely complains and is very quiet, except with his sisters. He has this magnetism of love/playfulness/aggravation to his sisters! It never fails that if one of them is screaming, Mitch is close by. He loves them dearly, but loves to bug them (in a sweet way). He is learning to he better while playing outside to compromise. Often while playing baseball on the front yard, I will hear a lot of "Out!" "Safe!" Bickering back and forth. He's realizing (after frustrations) that it's better to just compromise and keep the game going.

Mason is having a good year. He's student of the week this week. Matt and I are going to try to go to lunch one day with him. He isn't near as laid back as Mitch with regards to clothes this year. I'm not complaining as it could be much worse. I will just say he's pickier this year, which I'm sure comes with being on the brink of turning 10. He still loves baseball. Last weekend's 3 games were hot. He was catcher for all but four innings that he pitched and played first. That's 10 innings as catcher. He was drenched in sweat, but I think would have done it for 10 more. It's fun to watch him bat. Mason loves his sisters unconditionally and sometimes unbelievably. He doesn't "play" with them to the level as Mitch, but is right with them and so good with them. I often am amazed of these boys adoration of the girls, even when they are screaming.

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