Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nikki and Family

My blog is terribly behind, but Nikki and the kids came to visit us the weekend of July 12th.  I hope to do a summer recap blog soon to fill in the blanks.  When they came, I had just worked nearly four weeks straight and had the 4th of July and Mitchie's bday celebration.  Having them was such a break from the craziness!  Loved having them, but have very few pics. :(
Our girles!

 We spent the evening after a day of swimming at the ballpark.  Mason had pitched the night before to win the game, so we couldn't miss it.  Luckily the the park was next to the ball field, so we had fun and still saw the game.

Very few pics of the boys in action!

 Love Princess Nikki, Rob, and the kids SO much! :)

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