Thursday, September 5, 2013


Seriously Mason, 10 tomorrow? My goodness how time flies.  I remember it like it was yesterday....
Matt and I went our for a BIG dinner at Outback because you were going to be induced in the morning.  Big dinner, as in two appetizers and dinner big, ha! I then went for a pedicure to have cute red toes for the morning.  Little did I know that when I got home that evening around 9 I would feel funny.  I eventually woke up Matt and we set off for the hospital.  My water broke on the way.  We thought you would make your apperance on September 5th! Little did I know that it would be 7:19 PM the next day, the 6th.  Matt sent me roses that came in the afternoon as we were waiting.  I had no idea what to expect and what a joy you were. 
We had a rough start with your eating, but once that was mastered, you were an awesome baby.  You never cried.  I took you everywhere.  I remember being so scared those first few trips driving you around.  I dressed you up every day and enjoyed all the moments.  I enjoyed you so much that we decided I couldn't go back to my full time job full time once my leave was up, so I went part time. 
I could write all night, but I'll fast forward to today.  Mason, you are wise beyond your years and always have been.  You have an awesome task assigned to you as biggest brother and you fill it well.  I'm embarrassed to admit that you keep me in check.  You keep me in line as the Mom and you help me in ways you will never know.  Your knowledge of life at a mere 10 does scare me sometimes.  You seem to "get" it and I fear for you.  I had to smile when I met you for recess and lunch last week as you were student of the week.  The entire class had used a computer program to jumble words that described them and what they liked and put them on the back of their chairs to describe them .  I read others and then reached yours. What first caught my eye was all your siblings listed.  I also read Jesus and God.  The other things were baseball, Xbox, and swimming.  I was beaming.  I didn't read many others, but I was so proud of you at that moment.  I was proud for all the times that we have gone to Church and you have had to endure your sister's antics.  I was proud of all the Mondays we have taken you to PSR to learn about your faith. 
You are one amazing kid and I expect great things from you.  You Love and I mean LOVE baseball.  You were given a gift to play baseball since January being a Bruin.  You have improved leaps and bounds.  You have your goal of making tryouts this weekend to be a "Brave" on the Chatham team.  Your Dad and I have prepped you as much as we can to be thankful for the gift you have been given.  I love our Bruins team and I am nervous about tryouts.  I hate and I mean  HATE that you have to try out for the school team and I question every day putting you in that situation.  You just made the swim team and the basketball team for winter and we are thrilled for you!  I hope for you the best, but as your parent, I am prepared for the worst.  Your Daddy always brings me back to reality and reminded me that a few short years ago we weren't even sure if you would be able to play baseball. I know you are awesome, but I don't want you to be sad, ever.  
All this being said, you are becoming my challenging dressing kid... you want only certain things and I know you want to feel "cool".  How I wish you had uniforms sometimes!   You are starting to love to read and I love that!  You are awesome at school.  You were one of the few kids in the entire third grade last year that didn't even get on "parking lot" or a warning.  Super Proud Momma!  You have a sweet heart and are always worried about others' feelings.  I think this is why you opted out of a birthday party this year.  You have lots of friends and didn't want to leave anyone out.  We are going to celebrated at a Cardinal game next week.
Mason Matthew, you are amazing.  You are a great hearted kid and I only hope and pray that you never change.  I can't believe that it's been 10 years.  Double digits now, yikes!  I love you so much my little bird!
Happy Birthday Baby!!! 
Baseball pic from years back w/ your forever kindergarten friend, Andrew. Love that you latched on to a sweet friend!

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