Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Maya's First Day of Preschool

Maya had her first day of preschool on August 21st.  It was her "last" first day of preschool ever. This girl was ready for this day ever since the last day of preschool last spring.  I'm so happy that she loves where she goes to preschool at our Church.  She has great teachers this year.  She had a slight rough patch last year at the end of school, but her teachers this year are tough.  I've warned her that if she isn't good, they will call me and I will pick her up.  So far, she has been fantastic!  She needs structure and discipline and her teachers are perfect for her.  She has already brought home projects that she is so proud of. 

 We were early to preschool so I took some pictures of my sweet girl and I.
 Silly faces!

 She wanted a picutre with our eyes closed.

 Her wonderful teachers this year, Miss Ashley and Ms. Carrie. 

 Off to play with Lucy!
I have to add that her preschool is all day, every day from 745-230. They have an option for early and late day so the days I work she goes from 7-430.  It's a great program for working parents.  I remember when the boys were this age they only went for 2.5 hours, 3 days a week.  We are very lucky in that she thrives there and loves to eat lunch there.  Full day kindergarten is just around the corner, so she will be ready and it won't be too much of an adjustment.  She was already talking this morning about riding the big bus next year.  Baby girl, let's not get too excited just yet! 

Maya Jane is her own person.  She is soooo sweet and wonderful, but when she is especially tired, she is a handful!  She is learning to control her emotions and yelling more and more every day.  I love the sweet moments she has with her sister, especially when she "reads" to her.  She can nearly write all her letters and numbers.  She plays well with her friends.  She respects authority, especially when it isn't Matt or I.  She follows her soccer coach's orders faithfully as well as her teachers.  She is fiercely independent ( I don't know where she gets it), but still lets me dress her as long as she has her bow in her hair.  With her hair, she loves when it is clean and combed, but she hates "tangles!"  I love her misuse of words.  I love when I tell her to do something and she responds, " I ARE! " She's not the best eater, except at school lunches, so I don't push dinner as much.  It's not worth the fight!  She knows what she wants and when she wants it, but she's also learning better approaches to get what she wants.  Love her!

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