Friday, October 4, 2013

Fr. Jerry

I had heard Fr. Jerry was sick from my Dad in the past few weeks, but I didn't know much.  He married Matt and I, but he did more than that.  We had our wedding prep classes with him.  He was a huge part of our marraige.  I contacted him about Maya's baptism and chatted.  Matt wasn't Catholic when we were married and we had lived together for a short time, only because we couldn't afford different rents.  Fr.  Jerry didn't mind.  Not many Catholic priests would be so laid back, but he was.  He understood us.  He was amazing.

He had an amazing impact over the many years at St. Joe and has grown the parish so much.  He was just someone in my life that I always thought would be there.  I was so saddened and suprised by his passing this week.  It knocked me off my feet to hear.  How can a triathelete Priest be gone by a cancer two months later? How can someone loved by so many go so fast?  I treat cancer patients every day and they are fine. How could this happen?

Mom forwarded to me his caringbridge site and this was his post after Mass last Sunday.  I spent that Sunday  morning sleeping in and then enjoyed all of our family thoughout the day.  I have heard that his last Mass was packed, but only wish I was there to witness it.  God works in mysterious ways, and I hold my memories of Fr. Jerry tight and maybe that's the way God wanted to relax and enjoy my gifts that day.  I took at pic what he wrote on his caringbridge site that last Sunday:

I just can't understand how someone can write this and be gone hours later.  Fr. Jerry was needed in Heaven.  God Bless all those who were touched by him as we were.  I think I've only seen him two times in our 14 years of marraige, but will never forget.  Thank you, Fr. Jerry for impacting our lives.  You touched our hearts and would be proud that we are both Catholic and attend Church regularly, probably because of you.  I think back at our wedding day and smile.  I pray for all the little people at St. Joe School, I can't imagine how the community is feeling. Fr. Jerry was different to some in his ways, and I loved that about him.   What a very special and fun Angel heaven gained.  Can't wait to laugh with you in Heaven and run together!

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