Friday, October 4, 2013

Last weekend

Last weekend was great.  I mean GREAT.  My parents rented a little place on the lake back home for the family.  We arrived Saturday and the boys fished all afternoon.  I sat on the porch and watched.  I sat some more.  Maya caught the only fish of the day!  She was so proud and brought it up for all of us to admire.  She said when she threw it back in that the fish was sleeping.  Pretty sure she kept him out of water a little to long for all of us to admire. :)  We had a great relaxing weekend complete with lots, and I mean LOTS of great food, thanks to my Mom. We had food and more food and brough a ton back with us!  We even had more food at Matt's parents on Sunday afternoon. 
I was able to get a favorite childhood game of mine in with Mitch, the game of "Life."  I also played Scrabble with my boys.  Lots of memories playing Scrabble as a little girl with my Dad.  I remember like yesterday having the big dictionary close at hand to look up words to beat him.  I had to take it easy on the boys, they don't know that I am a Scrabble champion. :) Matt and I also played ball in the yard with the boys.  These things may sound silly, but it's hard to do at home w/ two little girls.  Love that we had the time and extra hands to do it.  Also so good to see my brother.  Little Danny isn't so little and the boys enjoyed seeing him knee board off a speed boat.  It was so easy to be close to him despite 11 years difference in age years ago.  He's having the time of his life as a bachelor and I have four little people.  We did have some time looking through old pictures that Dad brought.  So fun to remember the old times! Then I went to bed, exhausted and he went out with friends.  Oh to be mid twenties again!  I will look back in a short time when he has little ones and my kids are older and giggle and rub it in! So proud of my little bro and what he's accomplished and the fun he's having.We were also able to see my Aunts and Uncle.  Love our family.  
Thankful for my parents for planning this.  It didn't go quite as planned as Matt and I both had to work Thursday and Friday, but we enjoyed the time we had.  Fun to get away from reality and schedules for a bit.  Matt and I slept in until 9:15 Sunday morning thanks to my parents.  It was heaven!
Speaking of Heaven... Matt and I had talked to the boys about taking them to the Church we were married in on Sunday.  Little did I know that I would be selfish of sleeping in and we didn't go to Church and it would have been the last time seeing Fr. Jerry.   More in a later post....
 A fun pontoon ride, the first boat ride for my girls thanks to Galen and Pam!
 Molly helping Papa Dan drive.
 Maya had to help too!
 No pics of the boys on the boat as they were on Danny's friend's speed boat with Matt going fast!

Aunt Pat and Molly.
 Mitchie fishing.
 Lots of room to run in the yard.

A fantastic weekend. :)

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