Saturday, November 2, 2013


Back on 10-15, I had a sick baby.  I got a call from day care  around 4 the day before that she had a fever.  It came a couple times and went away just like that.  I'm so lucky in my job that it was a scheduled day to work and I simply flip flopped my days off to stay home with her.  We didn't leave the couch all morning and she slept. 

 Bless her heart because her brother Mitchie was Student of the Week that week!  I was planning on having lunch with him on my day off (Thursday), but since I switched, I took a sleepy Molly with me and held her.  It was only a 45 minute outing and she didn't leave my arms. 
 Mitchie was thrilled and I had no regrets, other than it was hard to get off the couch to go! 
Matt arrived home around 3 and she perked up and never looked back.  This was very unbelievably the first sickness I think we have had (any of the kids) in 2013.  Hard to believe with one in day care, one in preschool, and the boys in school! Glad and thankful it was quick.  I think the last time we saw our pediatrician was in 2012 for well checks.  Hope I didn't just curse us!

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