Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Day Off!!!

I finally had a weekday off after 13 straight on Friday. We all woke up late and I let everyone sleep in and took them to school. We weren't "late" but to leave at 7:35 is much better than heading out the door with everyone ready at 6:45. :)

I then spent the morning with Molly and cleaned and got laundry caught up. Usually that's a weekend job. We headed to lunch with two of our favorite people that we never get to see, Tasha and sweet Belle! The girls are so precious and I think the more Molly is talking they will be close :)
We quickly left lunch and headed to Molly's big hearing test. This was part of the Early Intervention program she is in. They wanted to do intensive tests to make sure her hearing was fine and not causing her speech delays. I was amazed at the tests they did and so proud of my girl. She followed every direction they told her. She passed and we are all clear, as are her tubes in her ears.

The boys got off the bus and headed to a bday party. I picked Mitch and Andrew M
up and they came back to our house while Mason stayed for round 2 of the party, which included basketball and swimming. I had 2 tired boys that night!

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