Saturday, November 2, 2013

Boys Halloween parties

The boys had their classroom parties on 10-18.  It was actually a "Fall Party"  but the kids could wear costumes.  They are trying to get away from the "Halloween Party", but I'm not sure where the costumes come in.  Mason opted not to dress up for the party.  I was glad when I arrived that about 1/4 of the kids were the same way.  It was his last classroom party for fall (no parties in 5th grade).

 Love the mummy toilet paper game!
 Very cute snacks!

 Mitchell's classroom was much more comical.  It's amazing the difference of how the kids act between grades.   Mitch wore his MorphSuit for the first time and loved it.
 Their snacks were also cute and healthy!

 We are so lucky for great classes for both boys this year.  Mitchie's teacher is unbelievable.  She gives just the right amount of homework and he has learned so much.  Mason's teacher I'm still on the fence with.  He has very little or no homework, but seems to be doing well with straight A's.  He studies little and brings home A's on tests and quizzes, so I guess he's getting it.  I guess it's just hard to think that Mitch has more homework, but it's not all about that.  Matt and I had parent teacher conferences at the beginning of the month and both boys had great reports.  Proud parents. :)

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