Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting Updated

I've only had a couple of days off in October, but I was lucky enougt to pick the Sanner boys off the bus on the 17th and bring them to our house to play.  We just don't see them often enough and I was so glad to be off to get them.

 All have adjusted to their beds.  Mitchie sleeps with his door open and our morning routine has Roxie going in there to snuggle after I'm up.  I get up early and do a load of laundry, dishes, backpacks, and lunches and Roxie isn't quite as an early bird as I am.  Love that she was curled around Mitch.  He was the last to warm up to her and pretty sure she's comfy with him now!
 That same morning I took a pic of Molly.  She was all curled up in a ball and made me smile.  The girls have adjusted well together and I have to wake them up every morning at 6:15.
 Maya on her school picture day.  She was excited, but it was early.
 The boys have been doing swim team at the Y.  Best decision ever.  This night that I was there, Mitchie was the only kid in his group.  He had 1 on 1 instruction.  I can't believe this kid could barely swim across the big pool in swim team at the beginning of summer.  He's fast now and seriously does it probably 30 times in practice now. 
 Maya after her school Halloween party carving pumpkins with Daddy on Wednesday.  I haven't taken any pics of the finished products.  Every year Matt carves them with the kids.
 Roxie misses Grandma Sally.  ;)  This dog has been so good to us this year in that she has adapted well to our family.  We realized after being gone and leaving her with Grandma Sally that she may have separation anxiety from Matt and I.  I think the kids were easy for Mom, but the dog was another story.  We will be finding a doggy hotel next time  :)
 Matt worked today.  I have an awesome Saturday morning routine in that the boys have swim team and I also take the girls swimming at the Y.  I can see the boys practice and the girls love it.  Molly jumps in to me now and goes under.  Lots of giggles and laughter from both the girls and me.  It is an hour out of the weekend that I spend uninterrupted by laundry, schedules, or anything else and just play with them.  The only drawback is that it's at 7:45.  Tomorrow we will definetetely still be in our jammies at 7:45!

Mitch had a basketball game and after winnng his first three last weekend, they were handed a loss of 58-8.  Yikes!  Our team actually played really well, it's just that the other team was awesome.  Mitch had 3 of the 8 points!

Maya had a birthday party of a preschool friend this afternoon at a fun indoor climbing place.  It was great in that all the Burgin kids  were able to play, too.  She was NOT happy to leave!
 About half way through the party, the boys and Molly and I hit Baskin Robbins.  I told the boys they could get anything.  They opted for a soda.  Silly boys! At least Molly enjoyed the ice cream.  Molly also had a big Early Intervention Assessment earlier this month.  The results were pretty hard to hear and I had a few tears.  Now we are a few weeks into it and she has developmental therapy, speech therapy, and a physical therapy review on Monday.  We honestly believe it's just because she's #4, but we will take all the help she can get!  We've already seen huge improvements in her speech. 
Since I'm updating, I thought I'd share a typical week schedule.  This is why I haven't had much extra to write about!
I've worked a lot lately because a girl is on maternity leave.  I don't think I ever posted that I'm officially Part Time Status!  It's awesome in that I have set days, paid time off, and insurance.  This was in August.  My schedule is generally Mon, Tues, Wed, and every other Friday.  This month has been a little different in that I've also worked most Thurs and Fridays.  Maya goes to preschool 5 days a week. I've changed my work schedule in that I drop her off on my way to work at 7 for early morning preschool. (School starts at 8)  She loves it in that there are only a few kids and adults and she walks in and they squeal, "MAYA!"  It's perfect for her.  I then drop Molly off and get to work at 7:30.  Molly LOVES her day care teachers, Miss Eryn and Miss Lauren.  I LOVE them too!  They are so perfect for her.  I usually then pick
 Molly up around 4:30 and Maya does the "after preschool program" until I get her around 5. It's a long day for both girls and they are usually tired and go to bed around 7:30. 

Mondays: The boys have swim team practice at 3:45 followed by PSR at our Church.  They are home by 5:45.
Tuesdays: Mason has basketball practice in Chatham 6-7 and Matt takes him.  Mitch has practice for his basketball team in S'field 6-7:30.  I take him and drop him off.  Lately the girls and I go to the Y so I can run and they love to color in the Child Watch.  We also sometimes get to visit Tasha and Belle during this time  :)
Wed: Swim team practice 345-445, Matt takes and runs at the Y while they swim.  All home when I arrive home. 
Thurs: Mason basketball 6-7 in Chatham and Mitch swim team 630-730. 

This is a pretty normal week and I'm usually in bed early! We now have begun baskeball games, so they are random days during the week and Saturdays. The boys have also both had baseball practices on the last few Saturdays for spring baseball. 

Craziness, but I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

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