Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy Matt!

We celebrated Matt's BIG (last in the 30's) Birthday on Wednesday the 13th.

He was off that day and was able to meet me (alone!) for lunch since I was working. I will admit, I wasn't great bday company because work had been crazy that morning. I was still happy we were able to enjoy Xochimilco and we didn't even have to share our chips and salsa with anyone! :)

I arrived home from work after 5 with the girls and we quickly did dinner. Poor Matt wanted to grill, so he grilled his own bday dinner! After dinner, we treated him to an ice cream cake and gifts.

The last pic makes it obvious that Maya and Mitchell are family, ha!

We hurried to a big basketball game for Mason. The game didn't go so well, but we still Loved celebrating the best Dad Ever's Birthday with him!!!! :)

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