Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last week

Pics from Matt's phone.... Maya from Halloween day at school and from early dismissal last week. Matt treated her to McD's.
I worked all week and we were crazy busy. We had basketball and swimming. The girls love going to the Y and Molly says, "Y" when we are headed there. This weekend the girls and I swam while the boys had swim practice yesterday. Mitch had a 2:00 basketball game and Mason was asked to go to the big playoff football game between SHG and Chatham with a friend, he was thrilled! Chatham lost, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Mitch was asked to go with the neighbors to their daughters bball game in Jacksonville and he was happy to go. It worked out well b/c Mason had a friend spend the night. On to today....Church , then a 12:00 swim meet. We've never participated in an indoor meet, they are a big deal!!!!!
We were incredibly proud of our boys! They swam beautifully! I can't believe that my boys can swim competitively after only doing swim team since summer. Took videos and will try to upload later...

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