Saturday, January 18, 2014

Best present for me!

After Grandma Betty's we headed over to Uncle Eric's and Aunt Margaret's in Olney for Mom's family.  
Aunt Nancy and Aunt Margaret.
Seriously one of my best Christmas memories.  These two (cousin Thea and Pat) were engaged at Thanksgiving.  I asked when we got there if they were having a big or little wedding.  Little did I know that Thea had a HUGE suprise for us!  She brought out two white boxes with big red bows for the girls with bracelets inside and asked them to be her FLOWER GIRLS!!!!!!!  I was seriously so excited!!!!!!  I was thrilled for their big day anyway because Thea is pretty special to me  :)  I was seriously overjoyed that my girls are going to be a part of the wedding!!!!!! Can't wait for January 2015!  Best gift for me ever! :)

Cousins Natalie( who lives in Alaska!) and Evan.

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