Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

A few weeks late, but here was our Christmas morning.  Santa found ALL the kids including Roxie.

Mason seriously thrilled for his Under Armour underwear!
It was mad chaos for a short time with everyone opening at once.  It was hard to slow down the girls who were ready to open EVERYTHING!

Maya's Flutterfly Fairy.  So neat! It really flies to your hand.

Molly loves Snoopy! 

Not my pick, but Santa thought Maya would love a Princess backpack, and she DID!
New Catcher's Mitt!

Mitchie was precious handing gifts to the girls.

 Annual Christmas lunch on Great Grandma King's dining room table. :)

 Mitchie seriously loves his rainbow loom and makes bracelets and rings daily for his sisters and anyone else.

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