Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jr District Swim Meet in Mattoon

A fantastic swimming day for the Burgin boys.  In a last minute change of events, Mitch had to swim a 100 yd (4 lap) IM of all strokes.  I was extremely proud of his 3rd place finish!!! He was awesome! 

The next was of Mason's 100 yd IM.  He was 1st! 

Of 6 swimming events, the Burgin boys had 4* 1sts*, one 3rd, and 1 5th place.  Pretty unbelievable!!!!!
Papa Dan and Grandma Sally were there.  Papa Dan proudly wore the boys' medals  :)
Mitch accepting his 1st place in back stroke!
Kissing his medal. :)
Mason standing proud for his first place in backstroke.

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