Saturday, February 15, 2014


The deer have been running crazy in our backyard.
 The girls had their first bath in our big bathtub.  I'd love to do more, but it's too cold.  The bathroom is over the garage and it's cold!
 Maya's gymnastics! She loves it on Mondays at 5:30.
 My Mason is recorder playing crazy!  They were given them in music class and he loves to play it ALL THE TIME :)  The strings represent the songs he's mastered.  He now only has one more string to get. He's been You tubing videos to other songs to play and thinks he would like to play the flute in band.  Matt offered that the trumpet might be nice. :)
 This girl has mastered the Ipad mini the family got at Christmas.  She loves the barbie apps to take pictures of herself and add makeup and hair acccessories.  I'm scared!
 Roxie ringing her bell to go outside.  She has become the most mellow dog in the world and the kids adore her.
 Mason's field trip on Feb. 7th to the Lincoln Presidential Museum.  I was able to chaperone.  Seriously the best museum I've ever been to.  We need to go back and spend hours.

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