Saturday, March 1, 2014

Little Gymnast

One of my favorite parts of our week is Molly's gymnastics. She squeals and laughs and loves it. It has already built her strength and coordination up so much. I'm not sure if I wrote about it last fall, but she had a physical therapy evaluation because she was falling a lot at day care. The PT recommended core strengthening excersises like gymnastics. Between gymnastics and swim lessons, she is so much stronger. This gym class is designed for her age group and they also incorporate lessons (manners, clapping for your friends, etc) . I'm excited to watch again on Thursday!
I also have a video to post later of the youngest Burgin fish! Last week at swim lessons, Molly on her own (no floaties) jumped in and swam to the top of the water. This is huge! She's not mastered it, but it's awesome! Just to think that last fall she was pretty scared of the water. I took her swimming last Saturday morning. She (with a small floatie) didn't want me to hold on to her. Bring on summer, my baby is (almost) swimming!

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