Saturday, March 8, 2014

She's 5!

Seriously, 5?!

Sweet Maya has had a great celebration. Cupcakes at school yesterday and an amazing party today.

I took lots of time today to spend with my special girl. She had no tears today over anything. She was so excited! She was so happy all day. :)

My Maya Jane,
We spent some time together tonight looking at my blog at the day you were born and days after. I left a lot of things that I usually do during the day for tomorrow to make today special for you, you loved it! We curled your hair for your party and carefully applied makeup for your special day. You loved every minute of your party and had a smile from ear to ear. You also very graciously thanked everyone.
Sweet Maya, you are little me. You are fiercely dramatic and independent. You love to learn. You love to draw, color, and be artistic (not me!) You are so shy most of the time, but it was great so see you shine with confidence at your party. You love your siblings. You are an amazing and complex little girl that we are going to learn so much from. You sent Mom a few lessons today that I won't write about, but just know that you are AMAZING. I love you so much and cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you.
Beautiful girl, I love you!

Love, your Momma

Pics from your party tomorrow!

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