Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break @ 9600 ft above sea level = awesome!

A video of Maya and I doing the Alpine Slide at Breckenridge.  The first minute or so is boring, but the rest sums up our spring break..awesome!  WE DID IT!  Matt and I celebrated St. Patty's weekend with cousins and my brother, came home, I worked Monday, and we headed to Denver.  How awesome to see our cousins and they spoiled us with Denver. Love all of them!  Rob, Nikki, and the crew were so much fun.  We can't wait to go back and the drive (all 15 hours of it) was a breeze.  I will add more later about the trip, but I have to say that we had no planning for the kids as far as to keep them busy but somehow we all enjoyed every minute.  We stopped on the way home at the Guthrie's in Kansas City.  Love our 2nd family of the Guthrie's. My kids only know Renee as "Aunt Benee".  I wish I could post more of the last 10 days we have had tonight, but unfortunately Matt and I both work  and the kids are back in the grind, too.  What a fantastic break from schedules and time we have had!  So thankful for the Lawrence family in Denver and the Guthrie family in KC for taking the Griswald family of 6 in for visits.  :)

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