Monday, April 28, 2014


I feel like I've posted a lot of the boys lately.  The girls are changing before our eyes and I think I'm missing it!  Maya had a monumental day.  No crying, not once over anything.  She was on back to preschool today and had a fantastic day.  She never gets upset at preschool and is very good.  It's usually by the time we get home that isn't pretty, but today was great!   I remembered that I had put away a list of fun questions to ask the kids and decided to get it out today after work.  The girls loved it and loved watching their video.  

The girls at gymnastics last week.  I finally just put them in a class together.  Maya is by far the oldest, but it's so much easier to get them there together and neither of them has to sit and watch the other.  
The girls at baseball yesterday.  The benefit of sitting at baseball all weekend....slushies and popcorn! Luckily this ballpark had a great playground where the girls played all weekend. 

 When we arrived home today.  It was pink day at preschool.  Molly chose to wear a pink tutu that was two feet wide.  She's all about dress up and being a princess right now.   Funny story on Molly:  We are always working on her speech.  Last night in the bathtub after having her recite words back to me she said, " Me say shut up?"  I laughed and explained that we don't say those words.  As thankful as I was that they were clear, I had to explain that we don't say shut up.
 This girl wraps up her preschool career in two weeks and I can't believe it.

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