Sunday, April 13, 2014

The weekend

I still need to update from the 2nd part of spring break and the weeks following but decided to just post on the weekend. We have hit baseball season full swing. We had planned for 6 games and 3 practices in between this weekend. With the weather, we only had 4 games with Mason. His games were with the travelling team, "Saints", which is a combo team from his Bruins last year. Highs and loss with baseball...10 RBI's for the wknd, a triple and lots of doubles. Also some strike outs for him that he took hard today. Mitch had a fun wknd in that we had an extra family member, Tyler all wknd. His parents were out of town so we had 5 kids this wknd. He's from a big family too, so he's used to girls screaming :)

Yesterday before the Masons game I impromptly took the rest of the crew to a church egg hunt. It was awesome! Mason had to miss, but the chocolate was shared :)

The last pics are of the girls today decked out in rain gear at the game. We had sat in the van watching movies, so they were thrilled to jump in "muddy puddles!" just like Peppa Pig!

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