Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mitchell's Field Trip

I worked Mon through Thurs this week, but was happy to be off on Friday to chaperone Mitchell's field trip to New Salem!  New Salem was where Abe Lincoln lived for about 7 years before he was President.  It was interesting to hear how he lived and what he did before he decided to go into government.  I remember New Salem from my 7th grade field trip.  It was interesting to compare my memories and can't believe I'm old enough to chaperone my kid there now!  I started my day off with dropping off the boys at school (they were able to sleep in until 6:45).  The girls and I then headed to Molly's speech.  I sat with Maya and played while Molly was in speech until nearly 9.  I then dropped the girls at day care and headed to New Salem.  I made it there by 9:45, just in time for the multiple busses of third graders.  I was so lucky and had only three boys in my group.  They had a great time! 

 They didn't have as many "live" people as I remembered.  We only had two.  The one that kept the kids' attention for the most was in the tavern! He was actually really interesting and talked about how they sold and bartered for goods.

 I had such a good group of boys I treated them to candy sticks from the gift shop.

It was the most beautiful day for a field trip.  We left and I had a Mitchell day from 1:00 on.  We had to go glasses shopping for his new prescription.  We ended up just replacing the lenses and keeping his old frames because he (and us) love them so much.  He was so cute with the new lenses.  He ran outside and couldn't believe how much brighter everything was. I also told him he could pick ANYWHERE for lunch.  We ended up with cheeseburgers from McDonalds.  Love my Mitchie. :)

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