Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The blog has taken a backseat for a couple weeks. I will try to update soon. I had these pictures ready to post last week and they didn't.

The first is Mitch hanging out in a tree after his game and watching Mason's 8pm game. I had been on Maya's cold field trip all day, then Mitchell's game in Rochester, and then Mason's game. I felt like climbing a tree too! The girls were so good and just watched a movie in the can during the game.

The next picture is Mason's head swim coach presenting him "Rookie of the Year" award. He did it at swim practice because we weren't at the banquet. Quite an honor as the swim team is big! Very proud of both my boys and their swimming...and they love it!

The final pic, the girls. Boy, they can fight and scream like champs, but I will admit that I do see lots of these moments. They are both a little lost without each other. It used to be Molly wanting Maya, but I see it the other way around more now. I thinkMolly talking more helps (and she doesn't stop!)

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