Thursday, May 1, 2014

Maya's Field Trip ( My best one ever!)

I was off today and it felt like I was on vacation.  I was a chaperone to go on Maya's field trip to her teacher, Miss Ashley's parent's farm.  It was about an hour drive south of here, but it felt like worlds away to me....we had that much fun.  So fun to stop the schedules and craziness and enjoy.  

Our first stop,a few pigs in a cage.  The kids loved them! 
The videos are duplicated, but it's late.  Love the prayer before lunch.

 Then we stopped to see the sheep.

 And off to the John Deere Tractors!

 Precious pics of the girls in the class, feet!
 The rest of them.

 ...and the boys!

 The Gator rides! So much fun!

 The play area was a hit.  My girl would swing for hours.

 In line for lunch!  Unbelievably, Miss Ashley's Mom made lunch for all the crew including the parents.  The kids had precious buckets of hot dogs, grapes, and pretzels.  The parents had unbelievable homeade chicken pot pie, chicken salad, and fantastic fruit.  We also had hot apple cider and amazing deserts.
 I love Miss Ashley's family.  Love their big kitchen and they invited us in.
 I captured the prayer on video.  Amazing.

 Check out the cupcakes the family made for us!

 A hay ride!

 Songs on the ride.

 As if that wasn't enough, they had teeny pots and the kids could pick their flowers and plant to take home.

Our day ended with both boys having back to back ball games at different places and home about 9:30.  I'm done!  Mitchell's team was frustrating.  Not for Mitchell, but the coaches!  I won't go into it tonight, but so frustrating for our Mitchie!  I was his advocate and spoke up for my Brave.   Mason's team was great and played well.

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