Sunday, May 18, 2014

Maya's Finale from Preschool

Maya had her last day of preschool on Friday.  I can't believe she will start kindergarten in the fall.  I will dearly miss her teachers and class.  I've been very tempted to send her to kindergarten at Christ the King where she is comfortable.  I love the closeness of her class and the thought of her being with those kids next year.  Thank goodness Matt keeps me grounded and reminds me that we are very happy with the boy's education so far in Chatham and she will ride the bus with her brother....and it is much less money than CTK! 

She was the first one there on Friday.  I had to drop her off early to get Molly to speech.  I had a few extra minutes to snap a few pictures and tears. 
 It was Cardinals/Cubs day with a ballpark party.
 I was able to have Miss Ashley (a true Angel) alone.
 Parents were invited in the afternoon.  Matt and I arrived to school with a suprise, all the kids outside.  The fire alarm had gone off!
 The kids loved seeing the firetruck!
 We assembled in class to watch the video.  I uploaded it to YouTube, but it's too big to download here.  You can go to and type in Kelly burgin it should be the first video listed.  At the very end there is a video of the kids saying the "Our Father".  It is precious.
 Miss Ashley had a basket of goodies for them.
 A sign in her classroom. So true.
 Maya and her friend, Lucia.  Luckily she lives in our neighborhood so we will see her lots.
 Oh! Miss Ashley, how I will miss you.
 Sweet Miss Carrie, too!  They are truly heaven sent preschool teachers.

I cried and cried during the video and also the many times we have watched it at home.  It was a phenomenal year for Maya of learning and growing.  I'm just sad this chapter is over for her because she loves it so much!

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