Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday outside

We had a very quiet weekend.  The past weekends we have had an average of 7 baseball games between the boys.  They had two scheduled for Saturday but with all the rain they were cancelled, so we had a very quiet weekend.  Matt worked.  The boys bounced back and forth from the neighbor boys house all weekend.  They spent the night here Friday and there Saturday.  They were with them all weekend, so thankful they all get along well.  I think it helps that they don't go to the same school.  The girls and I did some major housecleaning/reorganizing and laundy.  Love that they like to "help".  We took advantage of the beautiful day and played outside and went to the park. 

Molly will ONLY wear dresses currently. 

 So nice to be outside.  Maya stayed in her pajamas most of the day and Molly insisted on a dress within 15 minutes of being up.  Love the lazy weekend!

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