Sunday, June 29, 2014

And the rewind begins...

I  only worked Monday this week. I was proud of the boys who stayed alone with Maya while Matt slept (on night shift last week). Lucky for carpool, Maya went to VBS and Mitch to football camp! I was proud of the boys for watching the clock and having everyone ready. 

Tuesday I took my turn at carpooling and we relaxed I think (I don't remember!) 

Tuesday night Mason had his friend Liam spend the night. 

Wednesday we had a few more boys over after VBS and football camp. The Sanner boys came over too and we had the VBS neighbor girls, a poolful! That night we met up with Aunt Michelle who was here for work for a late night dinner. 

Thurs after VBS and football camp Mitch had Griffin spend the night and we had a few neighbor boys, a poolful again! 

Fri was the finale of VBS and camp. We prepared to head to Morton for games and Mitch to Rochester that night. 

A quiet girl moment during the week. 
Roxie decorated by silly boys. 
One of the pool filled moments. 
Mitch and Griffin after football camp, Mitch being silly (a total Matt face!!) 
Football camp, he loved it! He has talked about wanting to play but I think he'd rather do swim meets instead. He wants to do the camp again, but he LOVES swimming. 

Pretty cool for him to be at Glenwood High School (Chatham) though! 
Dinner with Aunt Shell! It was late! 
Molly in her usual sweetness. She's talking up a storm now, love it! 
Maya fell asleep early, but the rest of the crew and Liam enjoying a summertime favorite, Ice Deli! 

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