Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pics from the weekend

I will recap hopefully more of June but decided to do this weekend to start. We knew it would be a crazy weekend. Mitch had a tournament in Rochester, Mason in Morton, and Matt worked. Sadly, I have no pics of Mitch! That is when I realized I needed to get the "free upgrade" when I was at his game. :(

My catcher in his element. 
Next to head coach Davis. 
Mason was able to stay in Morton at a hotel with the McDowell's. He loved every minute. They had a heartbreaking loss in the third game, so I'm glad they were able to have fun! 

While I was in Morton, papa Dan and Grandma Sally came to the rescue!!!? 
The girls loved it. They had plans to take both girls home today with them...and the meltdown started with Maya. She couldn't find her "baby". She has a bunch but wanted a specific one. Long story, but she learned the word "consequence" and Mitch and Molly headed to Flora. It was rough. 

We were able to have a big lunch today with cousin Cord who has been staying here. 
More from Morton, breakfast with bacon! 
And lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. 
Before the crazy weekend, the Guthrie Boys stopped here Friday for lunch I'm between their travels. Wow, these boys have grown!! Hard to believe when we lived in KC, Owen was a baby! 

Best pic ever! 

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