Thursday, June 19, 2014

Six Flags with the Sanners!

This is one of the days that we look forward to for summer. We had planned it months back and the boys' earned it by reading for a free ticket.  We decided to leave Molly behind this trip with Grandma Sally.  She came up Monday and kept all four Tuesday while we worked.  Only wish she could stay all the time!  Hated to say goodbye today.  The kids all love when she is here and we are so thankful for the help.  Molly had a blast with her in Springfield while we had the other three at Six Flags.  She WANTED to stay behind with Grandma Sally!  It was great to have the older three and it was the best Six Flags trip yet.  

This pic was with these two on our first ride, the Mine Train roller coaster.  These two probably rode it about 10 times.  
 A pic before we got really soaked!
 We all were hot but were soaked from the water and it made the really hot day not so hot!

 These three wanted to get more wet and waited to get soaked on the bridge.
 ....and they were soaked!  
 Melanie and I before the Screaming Eagle! So fun because all could ride, including Maya.  She rode it twice!  No lines all day, the kids rode everything multiple times.

 Matt rocking Maya's glasses on the log flume.

 Maya drove me around on a car while the boys rode the coaster she wasn't tall enough to do.

 Thunder River!

 Back to the tidal wave to get soaked.

 Melanie and I after my favorite coaster, the Boomerang.  I rode it with both boys multiple times and Melanie twice.  Memories of us screaming!
 They rode it over and over again!

 Maya's favorite ride, the Joker.

 My favorite pic of the day, those are Mitchell's feet! He was brave enough and tall enough this year for the Batman coaster.

 I sat in front of these two and Maya didn't want me to look at them!
Mitch and Andrew on the Boomerang.  

Love the Sanner's! Love our trip to Six Flags!  Next year...two days!

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