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A slightly lenghty post of this week.  First of all, my work is nuts.  I'm staffed part time M-W with every other Thurs.  With my vacation time, I took off every Thursday all summer and lots of extra days.  That being said, we have been at record numbers of patients for the past six weeks and with staffing issues I'm needed more.  With the schedule Matt and I came up with we don't have to have the kids in day care or day camps.  One of us is mostly home the days they are off all summer.  Very very lucky we are!  The savings on day care is amazing.  It does have drawbacks though....rarely are we off with the kids together.  On my working days, I'm now on 10 or 11 hour shifts with the work craziness.  With the commute it's about a 12 hour day away from my family.  UGH!!!  We make it work but that's 12 hours without Mom to plan for the day's activities and everything ready to roll for me not being present.  Matt is amazing at Mr. Mom. He totally deserves to do nothing this Father's Day...but he's working!   :(  Enough about my work rant.  On to pics.

I snapped this of these two cuddling after work on Monday.  They are very tight.  
 We had the yearly VBS at Cherry Hills this week.  The boys have always done it and this was the girls' turn.  Matt took them the first few days and I was able to take them Thurs and Fri.  It is an AMAZING program.  I was very sad though rememebering my boys' days here in years past.  It made me realize how much they are growing.
 We allowed the boys 1 camp each this summer and Mason chose the Benedictine University baseball camp held at the Springfield Sliders stadium.  Very cool!

 With Mason at camp from 8-2 this week, Mitch had pool time with his sisters.  He loved it!

 On Friday during VBS I spent time with just Mitch.  We went to Sonic and he was chatting about how fun it would be to sit we did.  He chatted about how he would love a Sonic Blast (blizzard) we did.  I had lots of errands to run, but life sat still for fifteen minutes with this amazing boy.  He is my crazy, fun,ornery, silly boy.  He has the sweetest heart and understands so much.  He can be the most pain in tormenting (playing) with his sisters, but he has the biggest heart I've ever seen.  So proud of my Mitchie. Best 15 minutes of my week. :)
 Picking up from VBS.  Molly was in the younger group. I picked her up and went to the big group to pick up Maya and she said, "I know this song!" and began to dance the movements.

 Our dear neighbor friend, Michelle, is also keeping another preschool girl this summer.  Her other daughter WON the STATE championships today for High School Softball! A big deal!!!!!  I offered to keep the two girls all day Friday for her to go to the Semi final game solo.  Four girls to pick up from VBS is way different than 4 boys.  Oh! The drama! They are all very sweet, but so girly!

 Maya had a birthday party for her friend Gary today at The Little Gym (her favorite place). This was in between 3 ball games.
 The girls swam after Mason's 3 games today.  The solar cover in the background has been wonderful.  The water was very warm today! It was left when we bought the house but we've never used it until this year.
 I finally MADE Mason get in the pool after his games this everning. He loved playing with the girls so much I couldn't get him out.  He hasn't been in much this year yet but I bet that changes.

Pictures from Mitchell's day today!  He was invited with two other friends to Charlie's birthday party.  It was at Climb So. Ill in St. Louis, a rock climbing place.  He had a "AMAZING" day and they asked him to spend the night.  I was tickled because Charlie's Dad said tonight how different Mitch is without his brother around.  We are really starting to see how different they are.  Mitchell made the comment tonight, "Mason has a bazillion friends and I have only a few REALLY good ones."  Mitch is so right on and gets it.  I had begged Mitch to be good on this excursion and he loved every minute of it.  I was reminded of his littleness when he asked to take his Spider Man pillow instead of his Colts pillow to the sleepover and when I dropped him off, he was playing imaginary play.  Mason is growing leaps and bounds and maturing at the speed of light.  I'm thankful that Mitch has found a niche of friends to still stay little....even though he looks really big at these rock climbs! 

Just because I'm a little windy with this post, I have to comment about baseball.  It has been a baseball summer.  Mason tried out for a Chatham team and got on, but it also required a rec ball committment.  He was also asked to be back on a team with the Catholic school Springfield team and took on their rec ball team, too.  Mason would eat and sleep baseball, but we are playing a crazy amount of ball this summer.  Add on Mitchell, who made the Chatham team for 9U, plus the rec committment with that, and Mason's S'field team that took him on as the little brother.... It is nuts.  In a summary, both boys are on the same rec league teams, both in Chatham and Springfield.  That is easy.  Add in both boys Chatham travelling teams and Mason's Springfield travel team and we are baseball every day.  It all ends mid July.  It's been slightly dramatic but all fine.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning with no alarm.  Mason doesn't have to be at the field until 11:45 and Church at 9:30.  All without Matt.  :(  I think tomorrow will  be the first day in a long time we don't have to be at a ball field early so I'm looking forward to sleeping in, ha! Only hope the girls realize the sleeping in part.  Hopefully all the pool time has worn them out to at least sleep until 7.
Two games tomorrow and back to long work days Mon and Tues.  Six Flags Wed!

Happy early Father's Day!!!!!!!!  Love Papa Dan and Papa Gary so much!  We've done ok with our crew so far only because of the great parenting we had ourselves! :)  

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