Sunday, June 8, 2014


We have been pretty busy with summer. We had the neighbor girls here Friday swimming. :) Our weekends have been pretty baseball filled with tournaments. Between the two boys, am average of 7 games a weekend. With only one game played yesterday with rain canceling others, we still had 7 games with today's games. Girls are troopers and make it through by popcorn and snow cones at games. Mason had I think 6 RBI's today and one of his hits broke a boys' nose. :( It was an excellent hit to center field and I don't think the boy had his glove up, knocked him out for about 5 minutes. Very scary! Love baseball but hate when there are injuries.

Girls still manage to play dress up and LOVE their babies. They take them everywhere. Mitch loves to swim with his sisters. They all jumped in the pool for a bit this evening.

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