Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Maya's ER visit on Sunday

Maya had a weird accident early Sunday afternoon. Matt and I were both within five feet of her when it happened. The kids like to put their hands a few feet in front of them and sort of sail down the stairs. I've never really noticed until I looked up and saw Maya literally do an accidental somersault over the staircase. She bounced off the coffee table and onto the floor. I thought sure she broke something but stood up just fine...until her mouth filled with blood. We thought she had simply bit the inside of her lip until we saw the small cut on the outside that we think went all the way through. She never really cried but didn't like the blood. We think she must have hit the corner of the stairs on her way down. We headed to prompt care and they sent us to the ER. I'm so very thankful for Mitchell's friend, Charlie's Mom. She's an ER Doctor there. She wasn't working but phoned them and they took her right in. I think she was out in 1.5 hours and without that call I bet she would have been there for 8 as busy as they were. Two stitches and no crying and she's as good as new! 
Matt said it looked like she cut herself shaving when they put on the numbing creme. 
The only part that upset her was no swimming until it closes. :( Thankful she's tough! 
Earlier in the day with cupcakes. 

Later in the evening enjoying Ice Deli with neighbor girls and Mitch. 

Mason's Braves pool party at a friend's house later in the day. Fun team but glad it's over!!!

Also found out that his Saints team has a website! Www. Springfieldsaints.com. If you check out the "our team" there are some fun pics of my Saint! 

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