Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Mitchie

 My Mitch. You are nine today! Your Birthday falls in the middle of summer and the Fourth of July. I have do many memories to write about, but this is YOUR day.  

We offered you any kind of party you wanted. You asked for your BEST friends to spend the night and go to a movie. These were three friends from three different schools and the boys didn't know each other. You had the most awesome Birthday party ever on the 3rd of July (pics to come). I'm just amazed at your judge of character for friends and these boys acted like they had known each other for years. Your gifts from those boys taught me a huge lesson. They all bought you toys. I took such pride watching you all "play" together that night. You have taken a new love for Transformers. You LOVE your brother but having him spend the night with a friend that night and to watch you play with toys was amazing. I was also shocked in your gift choice from Papa Dan and Grandma Sally...they let you chose anything on amazon and you picked character figures to play with. You taught me so much by this birthday,Mitch. You are little still. Unfortunately, Momma shed a few tears that your friends know you better than I do. You and Mason run around like twins, but I've lost the fact that you are nearly two years younger. You have no idea what I've learned from you just watching you "play" these last few days. 

Again, I have many more photos of the 4th and a visit and gifts from PaPa Gary and Grandma Kaye...but tonight buddy I want to just live for TODAY, your day. 

You had a Braves game to start the day. Someday I may post on my frustrations of the season, but not tonight. All I will say is that this last week you had a rec game of your life and played an amazing Braves "competitive" game yesterday. Not One ball went past you. You hit the ball and stole bases. My boy rocked. Unfortunately you had a Braves game on your Day and they made a decision to sit you. I'm not sure why...but you STILL head your head high. I was so proud of you for cheering on your team, even though they lost dreadfully. We didn't let that stop our celebration at the end of the game!!! We were so proud of our Brave and they all sang to you. 
I bought blue cupcakes for the event just to make the parents remember my Mitch. (My fingers are still blue!) :) Bet they loved me! 
After your game we had about an hour of quiet and an ER visit for Maya (a stitch, all fine!) and a pool party at Mason's teammates for  Mason's baseball team, You ran with those boys and loved every minute. 

I had the neighbor girls this evening so we had Your  favorite, Ice Deli. 
...and then his gifts! This boy asked for nothing. By nothing, I mean he's humble and happy with what he has. Mitchie, you did mention he would like some gumballs. (Same kid that only asked for an orange sweatshirt for Christmas). 

We did get more gifts for you. Seriously, what 9 year old says , "Mom and Dad , you shouldn't have!" You thanked us and hugged us after every gift. You said you got enough gifts for next year too. 
My Moozers. What am I to do with you? We get so wrapped up in your siblings, but somehow you manage to be golden. Don't get me wrong! You have a sweet ornery side especially with your sisters and it makes me crazy! You adore your brother. You just adore your family. You are the most love able, most ticklish kid I've ever seen. You love food and eat your fruits and veggies and junk, but are stick thin! You love, love swim team. You love baseball, but I think I've learned this season that you really just love playing it because your brother loves it. My baby bird, I'm your biggest fan. This baseball season has shown that. You have the absolute sweetest heart and make friends with strangers on your own. Somehow you know how to find the good in people. 
My Main Man Mitch...please don't get lost in our craziness. So far, you have ended up teaching me a few lessons instead of me teaching you. How do you "get" life while I'm not sure I do?! 
Tonight you chose a movie with your sisters as your brother was gone. You love to pester them, but you Love them. Mitchie, we also love you. I've cried a few tears over the last 48 hours thinking of you. Please don't change a bit...ever. 

I love you more than you know, 

Your Momma ;) 

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