Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our 4th

We began the Fourth with back to back Braves baseball games for Mason at 9 and 11.(Yes! On the 4th!) It was a beautiful day to be outside. The girls enjoyed the swings during the game. 

"Higher! Higher!" 
We then headed over to Colony West for swimming with our Saints baseball group. Most of them are members and one of them invited us. Fun to be with our baseball family outside the playing field. 

No pictures, but Maya dominated thus diving board. She went off a ton and wouldn't come up until she touched the bottom of the 12 foot pool. It was crazy! 

Molly loved the little slide in the kids area. 

Mason participated in the Biggest Splash competition. He won! 

Mitchell was having fun at Panther Creek Ppol with his friends, Flynn and Charlie. 
Charlie asked him to help him row in the boat race. They won the prize for Most Patriotic boat and had a blast! 
We were all reconnected about 4:00 and just relaxed for a bit. Grilled and swam quietly. 
We walked to see the fireworks display In our neighborhood. We had never actually been down there for them. The kids loved them! 

...a gentle hug?!
Poor baby was a little sunburned. It was cool that day so I wasn't on top of the sunscreen. She didn't mind. 

Maya and her friend, Delaney. 

A very different but fun Fourth! In retrospect, I was so tired (and a little grouchy). I had worked 3 eleven hour days in a row and then had Mitchell's party. I think I was just overly tired. I think Molly loved the day the most. She still jumps up and down and says,"Fireworks!!!Boooom!" A great 4th. 

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