Thursday, July 31, 2014


It's been awhile. It's obvious I've been working a lot lately. A few tidbits. 

Our dishwasher bit the dust. We had to buy a new one last Thursday. We love it!!!! The girls being silly waiting. 
Mitch with one of his presents he bought with his gift card from the Sanners. This guy loves to be warm in blankets either right after showers or swim. 
Mason 's Saints' summer season is over, but they've added some games. They had the opportunity for a game at SHG here that has the best fields I've ever seen. Rivaled many colleges and it's just high school. Neat experience for these boys! 
We followed the game with a pool party hosted by another baseball family. I had to take this doesn't look like much. These three sat here forever just like this under the porch and just had fun together. We were stormed out so had to wait out the rain. I just couldn't believe how long these 3 sat quietly. 

After the pool party we had quite an experience! On the way home the van ( a 2010, but we bought new 4/11) started making loud clunking noises. We were a block from home and smoke began billowing out of the engine. We pulled into the drive and the van died. Matt and crew ran inside to get water as I popped the hood. Smoke was gone, but we had a dead van. The dealership towed it on Monday and found out yesterday it needs a new engine. Luckily it's under warranty, but we are realizing every day how much we are a 2 car family! Matt and I have traded off rides to work. 

The kids haven't been home since Sunday!!! They have been loving life at both sets of Grandparents (without us!) this was planned before the van died, but what a blessing that they were there. They have had a great time!!!!  We get them back tonight and I am soooo ready to squeeze all my babies!! Can't wait to snuggle and hear about their week! Huge thank you to our parents! It's been so quiet here and I don't like it!!! :)

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Abraham Yates said...

I guess one thing leads to anotherp. Poor van, though. I hope you get a new one soon, with top of the line vehicle parts in place that will let it last even longer than your previous one. Let's cross our fingers on that! Wishing you all the best!

Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company