Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thursday off with my crew (and Friday)

The boys have been talking all summer for me to take them to one of their favorite restaurants... IHOP ! ( yuck !) they were thrilled to have breakfast for lunch . 
Maya even poured her own syrup. The smiley face pancakes the girls had and the boys had feasts and ate every bite. 
The Sanner boys visited! 
Finished the day with gymnastics. Molly loved the high bar. 

On to Friday with Maya's friend, Anne over. 
And Mitchell's VBS program! 
This VBS was precious for me. Our friend, Wendy (Tyler's Mom) took him every day. I suprised Mitch for their performance Friday night. When he saw me in the audience, his expression was precious and melted my heart. So proud of my Mitch!!!!

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