Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/14 Cardinal Game!

For the sake of staying current, I'm posting from last Thursday.  I can't believe this is only the 2nd post I have from August.  June/July was busy, but I think our August has been slightly nuts! Trying to backtrack so much.  I was off today and home.  That seems to be a first in weeks.  I think I put away 15 loads of laundry and cleaned bathrooms for the first time in forever.  Summer is great! 

Papa Dan was so gracious to suprise us with Cardinals tickets.  We had four.  Unfortunately, Matt couldn't get off work as he has been off so much this summer.  I chose to take the oldest 3 to the game.  Grandma Sally came up to keep Molly.  I was slightly nervous with all the unrest in St. Louis, but the Cardinals didn't disappoint.  I felt so safe in the stadium with 45,000 other fans.  We parked ultra close early to catch batting practice.  
 We grabbed a spot right above the Cardinal's dugout for the practice.
 Sitting on the dugout.
 This girl was given not one, but two official baseballs!  The boys were wildly jealous, but I told them it pays to have a cute sister. :)
 Selfie at the dugout.
 Her second ball!
 They were given official gum from the dugout.

 My baseball night crew.
Our amazing seats right up from the dugout! 

 A Home Run!!!

 The boys tried their arm to be tested at speed.

 A WIN!!!!
I love that I'm comfortable enough to take my kids to a game alone.  I wanted something to do with my school aged kids by myself and so thankful for my Dad for giving us this.  We've never sat so close to first base.  Love that I was able to spoil them with cokes, hot dogs, and cotton candy all overpriced.  I wouldn't change a moment.  Thank you Papa Dan for giving us great memories!!!

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