Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New wheels

Before I forget with all the school craziness, we traded in the van last weekend. 18 days in the shop and managing with a car that doesn't fit all 6, we were done. A new engine, but the fact that the van failed us, we needed to trade. We had plenty of time to research and decided on a Honda Pilot. It's not a van!!! It's a mid sized SUV with 4WD and so far we love it. It seats 8. More room to carpool! If I'm carting my own, love that they don't even use the third row seats. Love it ! I can't believe we traded after carting the kids to different dealerships and testdrives. They were troopers on Sat. After about 8 hrs in dealerships. They love the new (used) vehicle! 

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