Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our weekend

I was off Friday, so I was able to walk my crew to the bus stop... With Roxie. 

Mason had a baseball game Sat morning. Luckily, Mitch had Andrew to play with. They were so hot! As I'm sure Mason was after catching the game. Funny these two dressed the same. 
3 kids plow on Mom! 

I'm yelling No More! Actually I'm yawning :) 
The boys at Andrew's birthday party! We had planned to stay and watch. Instead, Molly fell and off to the ER we went ...
At least Elsa went with us. 
A nasty chin gash. Seriously she just tripped in her sandals, but the gash was yucky. 
ER selfie. She was a trooper. 
After 3 stitches. No sedation. 
Thank goodness I brought markers for the long wait! 
Mitch was asked to be on a basketball team with the Johannes' for the 3 rd year last night . He was thrilled! 
On to today. Mason had a dodgeball tourney to play in. Thankful for something to do since Molly couldn't swim. 
And then they played with neighbors . A very sweaty Mitch ! 

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