Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mason's Birthday at Six Flags

Mason didn't want a party this year, but instead wanted to go to Six Flags. I started looking at dates mid August and today was the only day that would work. He invited his buddy Teddy. It was going to just be a boys' day. Matt and I decided this morning that the girls and I should go, too. This was huge in that I usually prep on Sunday for the week. ( tomorrow for example I'm gone from 545AM until I arrive hm about 8PM. Lots of stuff after work!) We decided it was worth it to enjoy the absolutely beautiful day. It was nice to walk away from everything and have FUN! 
The girls had a blast. Poor Molly! Maya wanted to ride her favorite ride, the Mine Train roller coaster first (no pics). I had Molly ride it, too next to Matt and quickly was reminded that she didn't go with us in June! What a way to start her out! Poor girl! Her heart was beating so fast! Luckily we moved into more young rides while the boys cruised the coasters. 

They loved the misting stations as much as the rides! 
Train selfie. Ok, I'm really old. At least I feel old. I loved the long slow train ride ;) 
Few pics of the boys as they rode coasters all day long. 
These turkeys eating lunch. 
Mitch before riding the Batman. Yes! I rode with the boys and loved it. 
Teddy doesn't like to smile I found out! These poor kids can't wait for orthodontics! 
We found Tweety bird! Took a few pics before Molly wasn't scared ! 
Carousel with Dad! 
The big moment of the day! Mitch and Teddy wanted to ride Mr Freeze and Mason and I were scared to death but decided we would do it together. (Melanie and I did it a few years ago and I said Never again!) Call it kid pressure, I did it again...twice! 

He has no fear!!!!
Maya wanted to ride the giant Ferris wheel, the Coloussus(sp) By far the scariest ride for me! We were caged in but it's super slow and super high! The girls didn't mind but I kept my eyes shut most of the time, 
Trying on hats! 
Selfie for my fun day! 
The girls on the ride home. Sacked out! 
Proud of my kids. They were all so good! We had a great time. So glad I took the girls. Way better than laundry! 
Mason had done his weekend homework Friday night and had a little more to do for his Science Fair project that he remembered. Holy cow I was impressed! Matt even said we didn't do this kind of work until Jr high. 
Everyone had so much fun. My only regret is it is Sunday night. Wish we were all off tomorrow! 
Love my family! :) 
One more was cheaper to buy a season pass for the rest of 2014 and 2015 w/free parking  rather than individual tickets. We are set for next year! We also chose Steak n Shake for dinner where kids eat free! 7 people, $17.00 bill, wahoo! :) 

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