Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mason is 11

We had planned for a big sleepover for Mason's Birthday until we found out he would have a 9am Saints game the next day. We hadn't talked much about what to do, but he had mentioned Teddy spending the night. Saturday morning I asked for his parents and  promised an early bedtime (his Dad is one of the coaches). We suprised Mason! He was so thrilled. 
His sideways Birthday cake. Not very pretty, but cookie dough blizzard filled ( his fav!) 
It was a quiet and quick celebration! 

Love how excited Mitchie was! 
Maya's gift to me. 
Mason opening our gifts. 
My boy.  :) 
The girls in their new shirts from Gramdma Sally ready to head out to the game this morning. Their shirts say Sisters Forever. 
A Saints win! Love this team so much. Love the parents and kids. 
And just like that, our Birthday weekend is over. Laundry done, house clean ( sort of) , backpacks ready, and 4 lunches packed. Bring on Monday! Molly starts preschool tomorrow and is so super duper excited!!!! 

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