Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Birthday

I am so lucky to share my Birthday with my 1st born! I stopped having official Birthdays 11 years ago a little after 7pm . 

This will be a honest post. Yikes! I'm 37. That sounds old! I really don't think about the age so much as I judge it by Mason's age. 11?! Yikes. I remember 11 vividly because my brother was born two weeks later and I feel like it was yesterday . I don't remember my birthday so much that year as I remember my brother being born. The call to Grandma's house where I was sleeping. Mrs. Wilson, my 5th grade teacher giving me candy that day because it was special (even though it was a Friday and I didn't have orange/ black on for the football game that night ). I remember so much from being 11. Life was so simple. I remember so many birthdays but the fact that Mason is 11 and that was year Danny was born , it kinda sets in reality that I'm old!!! 

I'm so blessed and I try to keep my kids in check to how blessed they are . This was Matt's wknd to work. I hate it. I hate every wknd he works !!! My parents came up today and I had the best day ever with just my Mom. My Mom! Over lunch she shared with me my birth story complete with how she and Dad found out they were pregnant . Seriously?! How cool is that ? The sad thing is that I ate too fast and could have sat there all day. We shopped around and I loved that it was just us. 
I'm a happy 37 year old tonight. My fantastic (and I mean better than I could have ever dreamed of!) hubby shopped for me and stayed up this morning after working all night to give me gifts. My birthday boy shared the happy birthday song with me this morning and made a point to celebrate my day too. My Maya had perhaps the most thoughtful gift ever and wrapped multiple gifts into one sack on her own. She wrapped her bracelets , necklaces, and bows all together for me . She went around the house looking for things that would make me smile and wrapped them up . She may be fiesty, but the girl has a heart of gold. Mitch and Molly have their love too . 
For the past few months I've tried really hard to be good. Not by eating or drinking ( lol ) , I mean good in that everything bad that happens I try to think of the devil trying to make his way into my life. Every day, no matter if it's the small crazy things at home or work that frustrate me... I think it's God's  job of showing me what I can handle and get over it quickly!!! It's my plan.   I think at 37, I've found MY plan. I've been blessed with absolutely amazing parents that taught me values that I still learn from every day . It's funny that the things they taught me when I was young seem even more important now . I've been blessed with my best friend, my soul mate, Matt . I could spend every day with him and never get bored. He's my rock and keeps me sane. I've been blessed x 4 with perfect kids. They are all perfect in their own ways and I love them for that . They are all so different, but so similar too . My only regret is that I would have had more!! :) if only I could clone myself. 
I write this tonight so thankful for what I'm blessed with.  37 and a great life. Happy Birthday to ME !!   

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