Monday, September 1, 2014

Sesame Street Live!

We met Belle and Tasha Sunday afternoon for Sesame Street Live! Mason had another game. I missed again! I love baseball but I think I'm tired of chasing girls at games and needed a break. I guess it was a very dramatic game so I'm glad I wasn't there. Mason was playing 1st base. At one point, he made a flying jump to catch a throw from third base. He came down and the runner plowed into him. Mason stood strong and the player fell down. (Memories of me, Mom?) I guess the other team, players and coaches heckled Mason and the umps. He and Matt even heard people saying, " Next time hit him with a pitch." (Meaning hit Mason) So sad that kids have to encounter mean people :( This fall ball team is rec, so Mason isn't his usual number nor his name on the back of his shirt, I'm thankful. Mason loves the game and wouldn't hurt an ant intentionally on the field. I guess a good life lesson on mean people. 

Meanwhile we had a girls afternoon ! Not sure what these 3 were looking for? Elmo? 
Great dancing show! 

All smiles at intermission. 

ELMO!!!!!  I can only imagine these girls in a few years with boy bands....

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