Sunday, October 12, 2014

A (last) Baseball Weekend

We wrapped up Saints Baseball 2014 this weekend with a tournament. The weather was chilly and damp. Bittersweet as these girls won't have to hang out at the "sand playground" for hours on end and eat popcorn before noon, but we will miss the families and cheering on our Saints.

A great group of boys. 
The Moms!!!  We were missing two. Such a wonderful group they are. I will miss spending my weekends with them. 

Kudos to baseball Mom Amy (the realtor who sold us our house!) for the pics.
I haven't written about Mitch lately. He is awesome. He's excelling in school. He's just been swimming and he has improved so much. He brought this home from art last week. 

Playing the kindle. Just love my ticklish boy! 
I found this picture near Roxie's "house". Molly's rendition of her. 
Molly helping with laundry on Friday. 

More baseball, my catcher. 
We had a break between games yesterday and went to lunch with the team. 
A couple Saints spent the night. Saints playing basketball! This was before we realized they would have to be at the field before 8AM this morning...
Not too happy faces for the first game of the cold morning. 
Matt took the girls and friend Lucia to Chuck E cheese Friday night. This was an important trip. Molly hadn't slept well for the past two nights. She was still haunted by the "bird" at CEC. Matt announced on Friday he was taking her to clear her of the "scary bird". He said she was screaming in fear but he got her close and showed her it was a robot. She's slept great since. :) 
Maya and Lucia's self portrait. 
My catcher. 

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