Sunday, October 5, 2014

Flora Trip and Pumpkin Patch

Matt worked the weekend. I decided to make a quick trip to Flora. 

The boys were at friends on Friday night. Maya was reading books to her babies. I rounded the kids up after swim practice Sat morning and headed to Flora. 
All the bikes were waiting on the crew! Molly shocked me as she can ride and pedal with training wheels pretty well. 

We headed to the pumpkin patch. The kids loved it. 
It was pretty empty with the chilly wind. 

In the corn maze. 

I did it with the kids, but I'm not a fan! Too many times watching Children of the Corn I guess...
This little guy took great fun to run ahead and get in the corn and scare us. 

My kids are getting so big I blend with them! 

Picking out pumpkins. 

Icing a cake with Grandma Sally. (Licking after icing!) 
Molly coloring at Papa Dan and Grandma Sally's. I learned she can draw people! Sadly, I think it takes "getting away" from home to pay attention to details. It was a great but very quick visit. We had to leave at 7AM on Sunday for Mason's baseball game. It was fine, but damp and cold. 

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